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Hi there! It seems like you might be interested in going through recruitment this year and that makes me so happy! I am Ariel Katz, the President of the Theta Eta chapter of Alpha Phi, here at Western. From the bottom of my heart, believe joining the Panhellenic community at Western was the best decision I have ever made. My advice to you? Trust the recruitment process because wherever you end up, I know you will be surrounded by a diverse, bold and inspiring group of women that always have your best interest at heart. 


  In Alpha Phi I found my character, I found my  people, I found my motivation and I found my inspiration. Alpha Phi has taught me so much about myself, who I am and who I want to be. I’ve learned to carry myself around our values of sisterhood, generosity, character and innovation.

  All my best-friends are here, my roommates, my future roommates, my future business partners, my future bridesmaids. I found my people in Alpha Phi. 

 My sisters are my greatest support system, I more than ever before am motivated to be the best student, friend, sister and president I can be. 

  If you are working on Something that you really care about, with people you really care about it doesn't feel like work - and that is exactly how I feel about Alpha Phi. Being part of something greater than myself is inspiring in and of itself. 

  My character, my people, my motivation, my inspiration - my everything. That is what Alpha Phi means to me. 

  I wish you all my best, wherever you end up I hope you find; your character, your people, your motivation and your inspiration, just as I have found in Alpha Phi. 

  If you have any questions regarding Alpha Phi or Greek life in general, please do not hesitate to reach out.


I hope to see you soon, 

Ariel Katz 


Sorority Recruitment 2021

Joining a sorority welcomes you into a sisterhood, a safe space where you can be exactly who you are. Going Greek allows you to find your forever home and introduces you into a world of service, friendship, leadership and innovation. What's more to love? Join us today. #FindYourHome this fall! We cannot wait to meet you!

- Alpha Phi

#WhyAphiWednesday x KAYA PC’ 20


“I joined Aphi in my first year and I’m so grateful for all girls in the sorority. Alpha Phi has such a positive and inviting atmosphere. It was the first thing I noticed when going through recruitment. All of the girls were so genuine and sweet. I was nervous coming into first year with COVID and not being able to really connect with anyone but Alpha Phi really helped me out of my comfort zone and gave me the opportunity to meet lots of amazing and hard working girls. Greek life opens up tons of exciting opportunities to help you grow as a person. The different events and sisterhoods are so fun and will really make your university experience special. I can’t wait to make more memories with my chapter in the years to come!”

- Kaya

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