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Leadership Opportunities


With one of Alpha Phi's high ideals being innovation, leadership is very important to us. At Alpha Phi the leadership opportunities are endless, ranging from being a part of various committees, holding director positions under our Vice Presidents, and even being a part of our executive council. We encourage leadership within our chapter, and members have many opportunities to find their perfect fit. At Alpha Phi, you can become the leader YOU want to be. 

Director Positions

  • Chaplain

  • Marshall

  • Guard

  • Director of Academics

  • Director of Risk Management 

  • Director of Health and Wellness Education

  • Director of Social Events

  • Coordinator of Philanthropy 

  • Director of Formal Recruitment

  • Assistant Director of Formal Recruitment

  • Director of COB

  • Director of Member Outreach

  • Director of Finance

  • Assistant Director of Finance

  • Director of Chapter Housing 

  • Coordinator of Parent and Alumnae Relations

  • Coordinator of Campus Involvement

  • Director of Sisterhood

  • Director of New Member Education

  • Assistant Director of New Member Education

  • Big/Little Chair

  • Director of Events and Programming 

  • Director of Instagram 

  • Director of TikTok

  • Director of Strategic Marketing and Content 

  • Director of Merchandise

  • Director of DEI HWA

  • Director of DEI Recruitment 

  • Director of DEI Finance

  • Director of DEI NMEME

  • Director of DEI Marketing

  • Director of DEI Philanthropy and Service

  • Coordinator of Community Engagement

  • Assistant Executive Administrator

  • Director of Ceremonies

  • Historian

est. 1872

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