Did you know that Alpha Phi was the first sorority to create its own foundation? 

 Each year the Theta Eta chapter at Western University contributes to the success of the Alpha Phi Foundation through philanthropy and service.

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Alpha Phi Foundation

As a preeminent philanthropic organization, the Alpha Phi Foundation is recognized for the strength of our endowment and for innovation in cultivating and sustaining donor participation. Demonstrating the philanthropic spirit of love and charity intended by our Founders, the Foundation was created as a trust to award grants specifically for scholarship and cardiac aid. Today, the original priorities of Alpha Phi Foundation remain.


The Alpha Phi Foundation is committed to investing in the leadership of its chapters' members. Through multiple leaderships grants and funds, the Alpha Phi Foundation aids chapters across North America to support the leadership opportunities of collegiate members.


Thanks to generous annual donors and alumnae, the Alpha Phi Foundation offers countless scholarships to all Alpha Phis. Merit-based and need-based scholarships are offered every year to help Alpha Phis pursue their undergraduate and graduate degrees. In 2021 alone, the Alpha Phi Foundation awarded more than $466,000 in scholarships to outstanding members.

PROUD PHI MOMENT: Take a look at OUR members, Kaitlyn and Lucre, who were awarded Alpha Phi Foundation academic excellence scholarships this year


Assistance Grants

The Alpha Phi Foundation offers the Forget-Me-Not Fund, an assistance grant with the purpose of offering short-term or temporary financial aid to any Alpha Phi after undergoing unforeseeable crisis or under unforeseen circumstances such as financial distress and medical issues. The Forget-Me-Not Fund was created to remind Alpha Phis that we are a sisterhood, and are here for each other through the good and bad.

Women's Heart Health

The Alpha Phi Foundation supports women's heart health by funding its education, research, and providing the Heart to Heart Grant. The Heart to Heart Grant is an annual fund of $100,000 awarded to various medical institutions dedicated to research in heart health, specifically for women. With 30 grants having been awarded since 1993, Alpha Phi is paving the way towards the education and prevention of heart disease in women.