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a letter from
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Hi there! My name is Elyse Eckenswiller, and I am currently serving as the Chapter President of the Theta Eta Chapter of Alpha Phi.

Going into my first year, I was a little reserved but didn’t want opportunities to pass me by. I decided to change my life with one simple word; I started saying “yes” more often.

I remember not knowing what to expect from recruitment, but I wanted to challenge myself and take a risk. I am so glad I didn’t doubt my decision because the moment I met the girls in Alpha Phi, I felt like I belonged.

Being in Alpha Phi has given me a sisterhood beyond belief. These girls are my best friends, my roommates, my future bridesmaids. They’ve had my back through all the ups and downs.

I joined Alpha Phi to try something new; to get involved. What I couldn’t have anticipated is how much Alpha Phi has shaped me as a person. I never thought I would be standing before 100+ girls delivering an election speech or leading my sorority chapter in its philanthropic and recruitment endeavours. I never anticipated being a leader, but Alpha Phi helped me discover more about myself and brought out the best in me.

I have gained knowledge and skills in every area imaginable. I am a better student because of Alpha Phi, a better employee, a better leader, a better friend, and most importantly, a better person.

 Life is too short to let opportunities pass by you. Take a chance at something new, and trust yourself. We are all capable of accomplishing great things, but it starts with saying yes. Say yes to something new; say yes to working hard; say yes to meeting new people; say yes to yourself. I said yes to Alpha Phi; that simple choice has truly changed my life. 


When it came to recruitment; I was conflicted but I am so glad I made that jump and took a chance! I promised myself when starting university that I would say yes to more things. I have always been a bit nervous to try new things and get out of my comfort zone so I started to push myself. To anyone in a similar boat as I was, start saying yes. Opportunities prevail when you make yourself more open to them. Take a chance and try something new!


When it comes to the Panhellenic community, every woman took that same first step and said yes. Saying yes to recruitment gave me more opportunities than I could’ve ever imagined.

XOXO Elyse

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