Through the Alpha Phi Foundation, the Fraternity provides cutting edge leadership and training programs for its collegiate members. We offer leadership opportunities including: the Emerging Leaders Institute, the Fellows Program, and the Eastern Leadership Conference. As a member of Alpha Phi, you will have leadership and professional development opportunities from the moment you join as members can hold leadership positions in the chapter.
Alpha Phi values each member's passion for education, knowledge and achievement. Our founders were ten of the first twenty women admitted to Syracuse University in 1872. Alpha Phi awards $210,000 worth of merit based and needs-based scholarships to outstanding Alpha Phis each year. We are students first and as the Theta Eta chapter, we foster an environment to help our sisters acheive academic success. We provide information on utilizing campus resources for academic assistance, as well as book study rooms and create study groups to support each other academically throughout the school year to maintain an overall high GPA. 


Alpha Phi recognizes the importance of modelling leadership skills so we provide our emerging or rising leaders with a unique opportunity to learn from successful Alpha Phi alumnae and each other. Annually, 200 freshmen and sophomores who show great potential as future chapter leaders are invited to attend.
"The support and leadership development I've received since joining Alpha Phi are irreplaceable. They reinforce my trust in the organization's values, and will keep me coming back long after I graduate university. At the Emerging Leaders Institute, I witnessed beautiful women coming together to learn how to better lead and grow our chapters - it was more than informative, it was inspiring. ELI not only gave me the reassurance that I have what it takes to be successful in both my individual and our collective goals, it taught me how to lead graciously and to live humbly as an empowered woman." - Alexandra Badder
VP Risk Management


The Alpha Phi International Leadership Fellows Program provides an intensive, career-oriented leadership program for a select group of members in their senior undergraduate year or in a graduate program who are chosen for their leadership promise, significant professional potential and their likelihood of maintaining a strong, contributing relationship with Alpha Phi long after their collegiate experience. It provides members the opportunity to develop leadership skills, network with alumnae and secure their lifelong relationship with Alpha Phi. The curriculum inspires women to take on leadership roles within their careers and communities, and provides a foundation for professional success.


Alpha Phi chapters are self-governed, providing collegians with extensive, real-world leadership opportunities under the mentorship of caring alumna advisors. The officer structure mirrors the organization structure of a typical business, with roles that provide valuable experience for the future. Officers participate in an intensive leadership training program at annual leadership conferences, which also provide the opportunity to network with officers of other chapters as well as talented alumnae who share their insights based on professional and volunteer experience. These opportunities become the foundation for the establishment of a professional network of outstanding women who will provide a lifelong support system through graduation and beyond.