While recruitment can seem intimidating, joining a sorority could very well be one of the most amazing experiences throughout your university career. My choice to join Alpha Phi, after participating in Formal Recruitment during my first year, has easily been one of my most rewarding and life changing decisions I have ever made. This organization has not only developed me as a well-rounded leader, but has also given me a family away from home. This amazing group of girls, whom I am lucky enough to call my sisters, have not only become some of my closest friends, but also an incredible support system that is constantly encouraging, loving and thoughtful.
I am honored to be our chapter’s Vice President of Membership Recruitment for the upcoming year. Recruitment holds a special place in my heart as it gives myself, and the rest of our chapter, the opportunity to share the incredible and unique organization the we are apart of. For us, Alpha Phi has allowed us to grow as leaders, has fostered new relationships, provided opportunities to network and give back to the London community. Panhellenic sororities are an amazing way to enhance your university experience and helps you to grow not only throughout your four years at Western, but for the rest of your life. 
If you have any questions regarding Alpha Phi or Greek life in general, please do not hesitate to reach out to me!

Cassie Kerec

For more information on signing up for recruitment email me at [email protected] or check out our Panhellenic website!  http://www.uwosororities.com


Our sisters love to show off their school spirit! Within the Greek system at Western University, we found our home in Alpha Phi. It is a home away from home. In Alpha Phi you can find some of the most genuine, inspiring, diverse, hardworking, and loving women. Come to Western University and see what we are all about!